FMT Synthetic Aggregate is cost effective alternative construction material that has many uses in commercial/industrial projects.

Product Description:

The material is a light weight, extremely high yield construction base alternative. FMT Synthetic Aggregate has a 1 ton to 1 yard yield vs traditional limestone. A typical 20 ton load of 610 Limestone yields only 15.38 yards.


Compaction of material is less complex than other fill material, takes a small to mid-size dozer to spread and a 54” to 84” smooth drum roller, no pad foot roller is needed this will save your company fuel and labor cost.


Trucking of material is simplified because the material is extremely flow able when dumping, there is less build up in the bed of the trailer, and this eliminates the additional labor from having to manually clean the material out on a daily basis.


FMTA can blend the Synthetic Aggregate Material to your specifications. We currently have a multitude of blends available at each of our yards. (Ask your sales rep for more information)


CBR of #57 Limestone at 25% and 75% Synthetic yields a CBR of 67 at a 99% compaction rate.

At FMTA we know how important it is to establish strategic alliances and unparalleled delivery services every step of the way. FMTA transportation is a major factor in determining the delivered price of aggregate and this gives FMTA an extremely competitive edge. FMTA has ready access to FMT newest fleet of 140 foot 6,000 horsepower towboats, each capable of pushing 30 barges carrying a minimum of 45,000 tons of cargo. By utilizing FMT fleet of towboats, hopper and deck barges to transport aggregate we will be able to provide timely shipments to our valued customers and save you money.

FMT Synthetic Aggregate is used in multiple industries and applications including:
  • Civil Construction
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Oilfield Construction & Stabilization
  • Residential
  • Parking/Storage Lots
  • Roadways
  • Base for Limestone
  • Driveways
  • Fill Material
  • Agricultural Uses: Soil Amendment Fertilizer, Cattle Feeder, Soil Stabilization in Stock Feed Yards and Agricultural Stakes