The key to our success are the people who manage our day to day operations. Our team is firmly committed to excellence and strives every day to exceed our Client’s Expectations. We take pride in our company’s ability to transport our customer’s resources in the safest, most environmentally sound and efficient manner as possible. Each member of our team is skilled in their position and has the experience required to making decisions that positively impact scheduling, efficiency and cost on a daily basis.

Our company executives are hands on employees that get involved in every aspect of FMT Aggregate, FMT Dry Cargo and Marine Bulk Handling to ensure a successful delivery.

Call 985-629-0100 to speak to one of our company employees.


  • Timmy Callais

    Operations Manager

  • Kirk Landry

    VP Government Affairs,
    Dry Cargo Sales

  • Tom Vorholt

    Senior VP Business Development,
    Dry Cargo Sales

  • Chris Janssen

    Freight Sales Manager

  • William Beavers

    Dry Cargo Accountant