At FMT Aggregate, our most valuable resource is our personnel. Safety is our number one priority and sustaining a high-performing workforce depends on many factors. The most important is respect for our people—for their dignity, their talents and their interests. We strive to maintain an environment that encourages them to develop their talents, exercise creativity and achieve superior performance.

Florida Marine has established itself as a leader in the safe, environmentally sound and efficient operations of inland towboats and barges. Safety initiatives include all Captains and Pilots, along with critical personnel, receiving training in Formal Job Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and LMRA) programs are used fleet-wide and made a part of daily life on FMT vessels. Critical personnel from the operations, maintenance, shore tanking, safety and compliance departments have received specialized Marine Incident Investigation training in 2014 and these personnel form the back-bone of our new Incident Investigation Teams along with subject matter experts as need dictates.

While quality and productivity are our goals, they will never take precedence over the Safety of our personnel. Everyone that works for FMT must adopt and work with-in our Safety Program. All aspects of our safety program revolve around training our employees on workplace hazards that they are in contact with each day and arming them with the tools and knowledge to mitigate these risks to effectively work safely.

As we continue to grow, our safety policies and programs grow as well and adapt. Our policies allow us to provide a safe working environment for our employees, customers, and the other service companies we work with each day and allow us to adjust to the site specific safety programs we encounter.